George Gabriel has produced many themes, songs and artists over his career. As a producer, George applies his experience of writing, recording, and applying the ‘record quality’ elements to his productions.

George started with the official ‘producer’ title on Disney’s Kim Possible theme and has gone on to produce many more songs for Disney, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, ABC, HSN, and many more networks. George also has produced artists like Christina Milian, Christy Romano, Cindy Herron Braggs, Smokey Robinson, all of the Disney Princesses and many more.

In his spare time George like to occasionally take on artists and produce songs or albums. From jazz to metal, there is no genre that George typecast himself to bringing a record quality production to.

It is that high quality production sense that attracted Nickelodeon to George in 2008 when they sought him out to use his writing and producing abilities to create songs for ‘Go Diego, Go!’ and ‘Dora The Explorer.’

In 2008-9 George took some time out to write and produce his own album ‘Everyday Miracles’ available on iTunes. This experience enabled him to get back to his roots and write without a deadline. The production sense and time spent studying the best of ‘record quality’ recordings helped him hone is producer abilities even further.

In 2010-11 George wrote and produced for Nickelodeon’s ‘Dora The Explorer,’ The Hub’s ‘Pictureka!’ ‘FOX News Channel,’ as well as taking time to co-produce and mix jazz artist Sally Jackels.

In 2012, George continued his producing experience in creating the first ever fram accurate music library EditBlox. George also continued to write and produce for Nickelodeon’s ‘Dora The Explorer’ in their season 8.

2013 has brought another level to writing and producing songs for Nickelodeon with his involvement in their new series, ‘Dora And Friends.’ and releasing his new music company EditBlox.