George Gabriel is a multi-instrumentalist that started playing music at a very early age. Growing up in Ramsey, New Jersey, George began playing drums at the ripe old age of 4. He continued his talents in many other instruments in the years to come.

At the age of 6 he started taking piano lessons and eventually studied classical piano under concert pianist Donna Loia for 9 years. The written music always escaped him as his ear was always more keen than his patience for reading music. The classical training, however, gave him a solid base of music theory and a strong sense of the written page.

At the age of 10 George ‘borrowed’ (permanently) his sisters guitar and taught himself how to play. For hours upon hours, George immersed himself with learning every piece he came across and to this day guitar remains his strongest instrument.

About the age of 11 George also ended learning bass and upright bass and eventually became very well versed in both. That talent came in handy years later when he joined the 70’s rock band Pablo Cruise as their bassist.

By his teens George started singing and briefly studied under Rosemary Conte which honed his vocal skills to be solid and strong.

By the time George was out of high school, he was a well accomplished musician writing and playing in many bands as a double bass drummer, lead vocalist, guitarist and bassist. He also took up the vibes, mandolin, violin and cello.

George moved to California in 1996 to pursue a career in music and now has a vast repertoire of themes, television score, library, film score, sound design and his own endeavours as an artist